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सोमवार, 16 अक्तूबर 2017

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Book Review
Showers to the Bowers : Poetry full of emotions
(Particulars of the book _ Showers to Bowers, poetry collection, N. Marthymayam 'Osho', pages 72, Price Rs 100, Multycolour Paperback covr, Amrit Prakashan Gwalior )
Poetry is the expression of inner most feelings of the poet. Every human being has emotions but the sestivity, depth and realization of a poet differs from others. that's why every one can'nt be a poet. Shri N. Marthimayam Osho is a mechanical engineer by profession but by heart he has a different metal in him. He finds the material world very attractive, beautiful and full of joy inspite of it's darkness and peshability. He has full faith in Almighty.
The poems published in this collection are ful of gratitudes and love, love to every one and all of us. In a poem titled 'Lending Labour' Osho says- ' Love is life's spirit / love is lamp which lit / Our onus pale room / Born all resplendor light / under grace, underpeace / It's time for Divine's room / who weave our soul bright. / Admire our Aur, Wafting breez.'
'Lord of love, / I love thy world / pure to cure, no sword / can scan of slain the word / The full of fragrance. I feel / so charming the wing along the wind/ carry my heart, wchih meet falt and blend' the poem ' We are one' expresses the the poet's viewpoint in the above quoted lines.
According to famous English poet Shelly ' Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.' Osho's poetry is full of sweetness. He feels that to forgive & forget is the best policy in life. He is a worshiper of piece. In poem 'Purity to unity' the poet say's- 'Poems thine eternal verse / To serve and save the mind / Bringing new twilight to find / Pray for the soul's peace to acquire.'
Osho prays to God 'Light my life,/ Light my thought,/ WhichI sought.' 'Infinite light' is the prayer of each and every wise human being. The speciality of Osho's poetry is the flow of emotions, Words form a wave of feelings. Reader not only read it but becomes indifferent part of the poem. That's why Osho's feeliongs becomes the feelings of his reader.
Bliss Buddha, The Truth, High as heaven, Ode to nature, Journey to Gnesis, Flowing singing music, Ending ebbing etc. are the few of the remarkable poems included in this collection. Osho is fond of using proper words at proper place. He is more effective in shorter poems as they contain ocean of thoughts in drop of words. The eternal values of Indian philosophy are the inner most instict and spirit of Osho's poetry. The karmyoga of Geeta, Vasudhaiv kutumbakam, sarve bhavantu sukhinah, etc. can be easily seen at various places. The poet says- 'Beings are the owner of their action, heirs of their action" and 'O' eternal love to devine / Becomes the remedy.'
In brief the poems of this collection are apable of touching heart and take the reader in a delighted world of kindness and broadness. The poet prefers spirituality over materialism.
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