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सोमवार, 20 जनवरी 2020

कनाडा में सरस्वती

कनाडा में सरस्वती 


bangladesh-canada hindu cultural society, 16 Dohme Avenue, East York, Ontario, M4B 1Y9, Canada.
Phone: (416) 693-4444, E-mail: info@hindumondir.org  
Bijit Roy (President): (647) 855-7040
Borendra Sanyal (General Secretary): (416) 737-3918 
It was late 1995, a group of highly motivated volunteers and devotes took initiative to bring Bangladeshi Hindu community members living in greater Toronto area under an umbrella.   With this cherished dream, they formed Bangladesh Canada Hindu Cultural Society (BCHCS). Since then, BCHCS has been leading the Bangladeshi Hindu Community to perform their rituals and socio-cultural activities.
After a while, we, the Bangladeshi Hindu Community, feel the urgency to establish a Temple that would accommodate all our religious and socio-cultural needs. Keeping this view in mind and to serve the community better ‘Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir’ (BCHM) was formed in 2005 as an associate organization of BCHCS. BCHM got the status of registered charitable organization from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on Jan 25, 2005. BCHM starts its journey from 27 Goodwood Park, renting the basement of a house of one of our devotees. That was a formal address and place to connect with each other and to consolidate the views and ideas towards the greater objective to establish a Temple. As a sequence of gradual efforts, BCHM establish the Temple at 300 Danforth Road, Toronto in Dec 2007 and that was a 4000 Sq feet rented premise.  During mid 2010, the owner of that property decided to demolish the premises. Finding no other suitable place the Temple temporarily moved to a small room at 2226 Kingston Road on August 15 2010. This place was too small even to perform the evening prayer. As such, the Temple again moved to another rented premise at 46 Scotia Ave, Scarborough on January 1, 2011. It had been a real hard time for BCHM Temple and its devotees. But nobody did give up!  With the blessings of ISHWAR and the restless efforts of devotees, finally morning comes with golden sun shines, dream becomes true, BCHM gets its own address, becomes the owner of the property at 16 Dohme Ave on March 28, 2011. Temple permanently settles down at this address on 31st July 2011.

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