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astrology: Sign Compatibility

Sign Compatibility                                            

Are you the town's perfect couple?                                                                                           

Aries with Aries : There are many couples of this combination but, over time, disagreements could occur due to overbearing natures and need for domination. Both impulsive, passionate and eager to be the center of attention, at the first encounter this is a passionate love / hate relationship. The danger of this match is its volubility so being purely business partners is a far better option!

Aries with Taurus:The first meeting can be explosive in both a good and bad sense. Both are rather obstinate and hard. Problems could occur if there is not good communicative feeling. Great passion even if Aries' speed does not work well with plodding Taureans. On the contrary, Taurus can become irritated with the partner's over lively ways. Fine if it's a male Taurean because he will appreciate the strong character of the female Aries. Aries and Taurus both have the tendency to base their own choices in clear certain facts. Doubts, paradoxes and scruples are not part of their world.

Aries with Gemini : Gemini, with a great sense of humor manages to soften and convince the Aries partner that life needs a little gentleness. Aries is bewitched by Gemini’s mental prowess and encourages Gemini to be pluckier and more decisive. It’s good if the male is Aries, as Gemini’s intelligence can be appreciated and the passion of the male overcomes her cold tendencies.

Aries with Cancer : There are many couples in this combination. This is a meeting of delicacy and roughness, the desire for a quiet and a hectic life. Cancerians don’t like Aries’ rude, virile ways and will get angry if Aries makes fun of Cancer’s vague fantasies. Aries rarely lets itself be imprisoned by Cancer’s sentimental exuberance. The main problem lies in Cancer’s sensitivity which differs from Aries’ excessive emotivity. The male unites par excellence to the more classical female. If He is Cancer, sexual harmony is certainly not the best.

Aries with Leo :
Aries likes Leo’s open sincerity, impetuousness and enthusiasm. However, this couple has no refined eroticism. Aries feels over confident and abandons all provocative ways. As both signs have a great deal of energy, they’ll live life on the edge: - excitement, drive and generosity.

Aries with Virgo : These are two aspiring individuals with such a different existence from one another so it’s really difficult for them to agree on anything. Aries is too instinctive and not reflexive enough for the rigorous Virgo. A low pre-disposition for any type of improvisation, the need for every-day life and for commitment can act as a brake for the intrepid Aries. Love relations take the form of reciprocal criticism. It is better professionally: Virgo knows how to be an excellent administrator of the goods acquired by the audacious Aries.

Aries with Libra : It’s better if the Aries is Male as Mars is seduced by Venus, who appreciates Mars’ impetuosity, capable of beating Puritanism and resistance. Refined, affected and educated, Libra has difficulty getting on well with its opposing sign, which it considers coarse and in too much of a rush. Libra’s need to evaluate and reflect before reaching a conclusion, however, is very useful for fiery Aries. In the same way, Libra needs Aries’ spirit of initiative and passionate ardor to shake up its exaltations and become more erotic. If they manage to find a compromise, the relationship can be interesting.

Aries with Pisces :  Even if there are many couples of this combination, this is not the best. Aries is not fully at ease with Pisces’ romanticism and softness and pushes away all affection, especially sexual affection. Pisces does not like Aries’ speed or erotic roughness.

Aries with Scorpio : A dispute between two warriors. They have the same planets (Mars and Pluto) in common. They are quarrelsome, vigorous and sexually energetic characters. Their encounter can lead to an explosive attraction. The truth is that they are divided by different ways of life. Scorpio doesn’t like showing off: Scorpio’s virtues are acute strength, to never showing what he or she ’s thinking and lasciviousness. Aries is clear and direct, cannot control any impetuosity and knows no calculation.

Aries with Sagittarius : Here is a good synthesis based on dynamism, action, varied activities and explosions of passion. A fiery, triumphant and excitable couple. Sagittarius gives Aries its adventurous ardor, trust and a good amount of idealism. With such a passionate partner, Aries puts aside a little of its circumspection and learns to amplify all mental horizons. The couple works very well; it’s a shame there’s a lack of constancy and practicality.

Aries with Capricorn :  There are many couples of this combination, especially with the male as Capricorn. On one hand, there is the affectionate, lively and spontaneous Aries and on the other, the reasonable, austere, prudent Capricorn. Capricorn does not tolerate Aries’ ardent, fast rhythm and regards all emotive impetuosity with coldness. Aries either loses his or her temper or becomes inhibited at Capricorn’s imperturbability. Over time, there is an inevitable discord between Aries’ arrogance and Capricorn’s icy coldness.

Aries with Aquarius : A valuable combination if the Aries male manages to give his partner space and freedom. It’s also good the other way round if the Aquarius male moderates his rebellious escapes. Aquarius is possibly the only sign which manages to shatter Aries’ wall of skepticism, slows Aries down, channels certain insensitive acts and makes the partner reflect. Aries, on the other hand, with high inspiration, knows how to re-awaken Aquarius’ controlled and imperturbable soul and the fire of pleasure.

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