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मंगलवार, 4 मई 2021

Our Wishlist

 ९१ ७६४५८ १८९१९ 

Ever read a book and felt like i wanna be published too?😊

Ever wished to have a larger audience for your words ?

Every writer wants to get published one day , so here is your chance.

Corral of thoughts presents

"Our Wishlist"

Title:- Our Wishlist ✨

Theme:- motivational/ inspirational

( We all have Wishes and dreams  don't you ? 

We are providing you a platform to share your efforts and hardworks to complete your wishes and dreams ).

[ ] Genre:- Open 

Language:- English and Hinglish or Hindi

What writers will get?

•1+1 page space

• 1pages for content (23 lines each)

• 1 page space for 'Bio' and 'pic'

• Free E-certificate

• Free E-book

• Chance to be a published writer.

• This book will be available on Amazon.

What writers have to do?

•Submit your 1 content (original) and Bio.

• Just have to pay the entry charge ₹70

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