सोमवार, 27 जुलाई 2015

अंग्रेजी कविता:

Can anybody say
Who is he or she?
Son or daughter of someone,
Brother or sister of someone,
Friend or enemy of someone,
Spouse of some one,
Father or mother of someone,
Servant or master of someone.

Is it the real you?

In the film of life
From start up to the end
Hero and villain fight each other
Both of them perform their best
Get remuneration and praise.
Audience see the film
Praise or criticize and forget.

World and life are the same
We act our part
Get involve in it
Love, hate and fight each other
Ultimately say goodbye and depart.
The only thing to understand is that
Do your best,
Deserve but not desire
Show but don't get involved in every scene
And in spite of criticism or appreciation
Be ready to say GOODBYE
Whenever the time comes.


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