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रविवार, 6 अक्तूबर 2019


"THE SECOND THOUGHT" - Portrait of real life
Acharya Sanjiv Verma 'Salil'
A commoner relates Poetry with imagination rather than the realities of life but in his second poetry collection titled "the Second Thought" Pro. Anil Jain contradict it by giving poems related with day to day life. He has successfully and very beautifully used the famous lines by notable western poets Becon, Wordsworth, Shelley, James Hadley Chase, Irving Washington, Irving Wallace etc. in Present Indian contexts proving that poetry is eternal and can't be imprisoned in the cages of nations, colour or creeds.
We are all worried about position of women in the Indian society as well as exploitation and crimes against women. According to Anil ji the reason behind this scenario is that every man wants a woman of his dreams, see her through the eyes of his imagination and try to fix her in the casing. It is really sad that in a society where women are termed goddess saying "yatra naaryastu poojyante ramante tatra devata" i.e. God live there where women are worshiped, they are suffering beyond limits. None can appreciate this. It is miserable that women are bound to say "I am ashamed of myself." This ugly and unwanted social scenario gives birth to so called "stree vimarsh" (clash between men and women).
Anil ji being a profesor, is closely connected with our education system. He rightly raise finger on the system saying "You are breeding only servants / You have no enterpreneurship."
In another poem Anil ji describes about lives of maid servants- "She came every morning / And worked hard / From dawn to dusk / She never complained / And sing all along / While she works."But what she got in receprocation? Only hatrat and exploitation by all her husband, society ant master, Ultimately resulting in "She does / Neither work / Nor sing." This is the real picture of our society and we all have to change it. ee
All these poems look the life with a different angel and give a healthy thought to make it better. We are rapidly getting alchohalic to web world and our routine is disturbed, Anil ji is worried looking the ill effects increasing day by day. He correctly warns- "We had our line crossed / While surfing / And caught in the web."
Sometimes we are made bound to face the so called "swadeshi" instinct when mob compel us not to use foreign made material though it is permitted by the government. Anil ji condem such activity saying- "they have stopped using electricity / For it was invented by an infidal / And living in the dark." Anil ji correctly warns us to be practical and broad minded.
Acharya Chatursen a prominent Hindi novelist critisised narrow nationalism as an evil as it killed numberless people on borders. Anil ji take one step forward saying " The globe is defining itself / A new.... Nations internationalized / No discrimination of cultures." just following Vedik ideal "Vasudhaiv kutumbakam and Vishvaik needam" etc.
In all the four parts titled Pal, Fantasy, Harmony and Passing away Anil ji used the notable lines of great poets in such a way that they became indifferent and integral part of the poems.
In the age when we are being divided on the name of languages by the narrow minded, power oriented politicians, it is really courageous to take a step forward in the interest of man kaind as a whole. I'm sure that the poems of "The Second tThought" wiill be admired by the readers.

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