कुल पेज दृश्य

सोमवार, 1 जुलाई 2013

poetry : Nicely behave hasmukh amatahlal

Nicely behave

I am simple and villager
But good to ears as manager
Can listen to natural music
Understand its language and basic

It is not difficult to understand or oblige
We feel very much part and realize
That we belong to nature
And there is surely a bright future

God too is happy with this formula
Floral beauty can be expressed in no stanzas
The flowers can be seen from distance
Its fragrance can be smelt at once

Nature only teaches us to love
Have firm faith and believe
That primarily we are human
We can’t be hunter or gunman

Cuckoo has no business to air melody
Sing in the praise of world and almighty
We can pick the thread of humanity
That world belongs to all with certainty

Try to speak in right way even if it is wrong
You may still feel closer and among
The approach may force you to change style
It is commended and felt worthwhile

We remain attached to worldly things
That forces us to crush nature’s wings
Block the river flow and remove forests
The greenery can provide us very best

Nature is never different
Was not in past or remain so in present
We got be tolerant about natural existence
That should be the approach and insistence

If we can’t make heaven
Let that remain hygienic even
Let birds fly freely and animals move
Let us behave nicely and improve

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