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सोमवार, 6 सितंबर 2021

बीबी अम्तुस्सलाम

बीबी अम्तुस्सलाम 
हम लोगों का फ़र्ज़ बनता है की हम उन लोगों को याद करें जिन्होंने अपनी जिंदगियां देश सेवा में निछावर करदीं, इसी तरह की एक भूली हुई शख्सियत हैं बीबी अम्तुस्सलम, यही थीं जिनोंने नोआखाली, बंगाल के शर्मनाक दंगों के बाद वहां शांति स्थापित करने में गाँधी जी की मदद की थी और दंगा पीड़ितों के लिए अपनी जान की परवाह न करते हुए महीनों तक काम किया लेकिन बीबी अम्तुस्सलम का सबसे बड़ा कारनामा ये था की उन्होंने पार्टीशन के दौरान हज़ारों की संख्या में किडनैप की गयी हिन्दू और मुसलमान औरतों को आज़ाद करवाया और उनके घरों तक पहुँचाया, इसके लिए उन्होंने हिन्दोस्तान और पाकिस्तान दोनों जगह काम किया और उन औरतों को ज़ुल्मों से निजात दिलाई, उन्हीं बीबी अम्तुस्सलम की ज़िन्दगी की एक झलक पेश कर रहे हैं पढ़िए और हमारे साथ सलाम करिए उस शांतिदूत को जिसे हमने भुला दिया
Bibi Amtus-Salam, one of those great but quiet nationalists, who gave everything to this nation yet no one knows about her or talks about her.
At the time of partition, she was in Noakhali where worst riots took place in 1946, and where Gandhi ji went on fast unto death to bring peace. When her brothers and other family members left for Pakistan, she was enraged at their behaviour and expressed her disappointment to Gandhi at this development. She wanted to go back to Patiala (from Noakhali where she was coordinating Gandhi’s work of reestablishing communal harmony) to demonstrate by living there, all by herself as a young Muslim woman, that she could dare the worst, perhaps even die, by way of exemplifying her absolute commitment to the cause of communal amity and peace.
Gandhi wrote to Miss Salam on 26 August 1947: “You are needlessly finding fault with your brothers. When all others lost courage there, they too decided not to risk their life. It is enough if we ourselves stand firm. Let us not sit in judgment on others though they may be our own relatives.
Amtus-Salam was undergoing a great agony at the divide between Hindus and Muslims. To assuage her feelings,
Gandhi wrote to her, “I have never felt that you are a Muslim and that I am a Hindu. The only feeling I have is that you are A.S. and I am Gandhi, where our atmans are concerned, we are one. In my view, you are the moving spirit behind whatever peace has been achieved in Noakhali. It was and still is your most significant work. Only you can sustain it. Wherever you stand, you stand in the capacity of my daughter, do you not? What can be done if you hold a different view, despite my opinion that you should forget all about Patiala? Blessings from Bapu.” (Mahatma Gandhi: The Last 200 Days, p. 443)
But Miss Amtus-Salam did not forget Patiala. During 1947-48 period, she along with Mrs Lajjawati Hooja, evacuated thousands of kidnapped Hindu and Muslim women to their respective homes in India and Pakistan. Bibi Amtus-Salam and Lajjawati Hooja worked in unison in the guidance of Rameshwari Nehru, to mitigate the sufferings of thousands of innocent women.
Bibi Amtus-Salam established Kasturba Seva Mandir and other Khadi institutions in Rajpura town where she helped Hindu migrants from BahawalpurPakistan to settle down. Bibi Amtus-Salam did not hog any media publicity throughout her life and after serving this nation, she expired quietly on 29 September 1985. area of
A little attention should also be paid to those unsung heroes and heroines of national movement who kept the lamp of humanity and communal harmony alight during the most turbulent periods like that of 1947. If we cannot honour the families of these chirags of insaniyat, let us at least salute their memory and ideals, even though these ideals have been trampled many times over since 1947.

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