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Origin of Bhagvan Chitragupt and Kayasthas

Hindu Mythology believes that the entire universe was created by paratpar param brmha who is nirakar (shapeless), anadi (without begining), anant (endless), ajar (never become old), amar (never dies), akshar (never detoriates), amit (can't be quantified) and ajit (none can win). The yogees concentrates on it and gets parampad. They always hear 'anahad naad' (divine sound). Modern science conferms that the begining of universe is from sound waves having highest frequency and highly densed having the same characteristics as described above. As the sound waves are shapeless, it is not possible to draw their picture (chitr) or the chitr was gupt. It is depicted by the letter 'om'. On dooj the kayasthas worship lord chitrgupt by drawing this 'om' without knowing it's reality.

Later on these sound waves converted into tiny particles revolving on their axis as well as in an orbit with an unimaginable great speed and generating a devine light. Number less particles were generating new particles (ekoham bahusyam) and were immerging into other particles. This cycle was on for crores and crores thousand years. This phenomenon was nothing but convertion of nirakar oorja (shapeless energy) to sakar (shapes). In other words we can say that paratpar param bramh was showing or creating it's gupt chitr (secrete shape) or Lord chitrgupt appeared in space with his devine powers to create universe. on dooj poojn kayasthas make an 'om' on plane paper and draw a human body on it to indicate the process of creation of universe by their isht chitrgupt.

Later on numberless tiny electronically charged particles developed the particles having opposite charge and some without charge. inside the tiny speedily revolving particles an vaccum took place with exterme darkness. any thing coming near to the black whole was sollowed by it. Gradually with the arrival of new particles and expansion of the orbits crores of milky way came into existance. Science confirms the above concept. Nirakar Paratpar param bramh bhgvan after world, as we know it, was created by LORD BRAMHA, the Creator. Lord Bramha first created 16 Sons from various parts of his own body. Shri Chitragupt Ji, his 17th creation, is believed to be the creation from Lord Bramha's Mind & Soul.
Shri Chitragupt Ji is divine incarnation in human form called Kayastha since he is the only creation of Lord Bramha, created in entirety [KAYA] from the lords body, unlike the other 16 sons who were created only from various parts of the body. Shri Chitragupt Ji (& hence the Kayastha's) were accorded a dual caste status, namely KSHATRITYA [Warrior] and BRAHMIN [The Learned].
The primary duty awarded to Shri Chitragupt Ji was to create LOG of the lives of all living beings, judge their lives based on good-deeds and misdoing, and decide, upon ones death, whether they will attain NIRVANA [Completion of their LIFE CYCLE & redemption from all worldly troubles] or, receive punishment for their misdoing in another life form, till they attain NIRVANA.
The Kayastha Parivar believes in WORLD PEACE, JUSTICE, KNOWLEDGE and LITERACY, the four primary virtues depicted by the form of Shree Chitraguptjee. The community, world-wide, strives to attain these virtues and promote the same, in line with the teachings of their supreme lord. Empowered with powerful traits such as SELF RESPECT, SELF ESTEEM, INTELLIGENCE, COMMONSENSE & PRESENCE OF MIND, AESTHETIC SENSE, BENEVOLENCE, Kayastha's are PROGRESSIVE & ADAPTIVE. Over the centuries, the community established excellence in ACADEMICS, ADMINISTRATION, LEGAL JUSTICE, SCIENCE & FINE-ARTS.
The Kayastha Community is religiously inclined & very close-knit. They strive to fight social injustice in society. They instill values of religion & culture. Academics has a very important place in the life of a Kayastha. Sincerity & Hard Work are always respected and awarded. Social reform through adoption of economically backward families from within the community, and hence their emancipation, is a known way of KAYASTHA service to their community.
Chitragupt Ji Family - Kayastha Parivar
This is an argumental fact that different sub castes of Kayastha are named on the basis their residential places. After the analysis of different facts the following features are observed.
Kulshrestha: The eldest son of Shri Chitragupt form Iravati, Chitragupt was settled in old Panchal state contemporary Panchal state was from central west of U.P. to north of Shivalik range. This lies in present Rohilkhand part of U.P.. Later in this area was also pronounced as North Panchal. The capital of above Panch is Ahishera and the local residence are called as "Ahigad" as the time progresses their senenations are also name as Ahigad Kaystha. Because of the eldest among all sons Ahigad Kayastha also called theselves "Kulshrestha".
Mathur: Born from Irawati another son name Charan was settled in the coutryb of Saursen Kings and handled the ports of different ministerial and administrative cadre. The ancesto of Shri Krishna, King Yayati has ministers form the generation of Charan. The capital of Saursen was Mathura that’s why they later called as Mathurs. They are normally resides in Matura, Agra and adjoining distincts.
Gaur: Another son name Sucharu setteled in Gaur kingdom and gained the porst of minister. This Gaur kingdom has large area form Padma River of Bangal province.To Vardman Area in west. The other castes which are also residing in some area are also termed as Gaur an the provincial basis.
Bhatnagar: In the ancient time there was a kingdom in East Panjab area having capital Bhatner. The son of Shri Chitragupta named Chitra was working as minister in this kingdom and start residing there in Bhatner. Later on their generations where also transferred in different parts of Haryana, Panjab, North East of Rajasthan and west Uttar Pradesh. Because of having birth place in Bhatner later on they were called as Bhatnagar.
Saxena: In ancient time there was a kingdom named Gandhar which was spread over the area of west of Sindhu River (Present Afganistan) .The capital of Gandhar was Takshshila later on Pushkawali(Present Peshawar). The son of Shri Chitragupta named Matimaan hold the post of minister in Gandhar Kingdom. The generations of Matimaan establishes the city named "Kayasthinvash" which was presently the capital of Afganistan named Kabul. In Puran the residents of Sakun Kingdom they comes into two phases, the persons of first phase are called as Khare and that of second phase are Dusare.
Ambasta: In the ancient time there was a kingdom named Ambast which was in between ChandraBahga (Present Chenab river) and Airawart (Present Ravi river). The discussion of Ambast Kingdom was also mentioned in BrahmnaPuran. The residents of this Kingdom was called as Ambasta. Padini was also called the residents of Southeast region of Kashmir as Ambasta. The son of Shri Chitragupta named Himvaan had hold the post of minister there and their generations are also settled there. There people are very brave and fight along with Kauravs in Mahabharath. Because of the residents of Ambast Kingdom they are called as Ambasta.
Valmik: In the central part of the plains of Ganga and Yamuna there was a kingdom named Panchal having capital Kampil which was situated in the south of Ganga. In ancient South Panchal there was Ashram of Valmiki. The Kayastha residents of this kingdom was start staying in the adjoining areas of this Ashram and was great followers of Saint Valmiki. Because of this later on the residents of this kingdom was called as valmeek Kayastha.
Nigam: Another son of Shri Chitragupta named Antarvendreya was of very religious nature. He spends lots of his time in the reading of Veds. He deployed his sons in the study of Veds or Nigam .This results that their generations are further named as Nigams.
Suryadhvaj: The son of Shri Chitragupta and Dakshina ,Vibahu get settled in the ancient Kashmir. On that time Kashmir province was situated north west of Himalaya which was also mentioned in Shakti Sagar Tantra. On that place the generation of Vibhanu was very powerful. Majority of them played their role in finances and judiciary sector, because of that local Brahmin feels jealous for them. Once they had also established their own kingdom. Since mother of Vibhanu is the daughter of Surya so generations of Vibhanu place sign of Sun on their flags. Because of this they are further called as Suryadhvaj.
Asthana: The son Veerbhanu of Shri Chitragupta ji was settled in Brahmavat Kingdom. In Hindu era the capital of Brahmavart was Sthaneshwar. When Harshawardhan merges the Kingdom of his sister in his Kingdom Kannauj had became his second capital. To handle the administration and system the persons of sub caste were settled there .Since they had the background of Sthaneshwer so they are called as Asthana .Before Mughals they are linked with different administrative jobs for Sharki Sultans. Raja Todarmal minister of Mughal emperor Akbar is also from Asthana family. In Mughal period as the influence of Avadh increases, Asthanas shifts towards Lucknow. Presently they are residing in the adjoining areas of Lucknow as Sitapur, Hardoi etc.
Srivastava: Bhanu son of Shri Chitragupta ji and Dakshina settled in the Kushal Kingdom of ancient India. Their generations hold the posts at different administrative level in that Kingdom. Minister of King Dashreth ( Father of Lord Ram ) Sumant belongs to the family of Bhanu Later on Lord Ram divided his Kingdom in between Lav and Kush in the form of north and south Kaushal. According to Valmeek the capital of north Kaushal is Shravasti. So attached with Shravasti they are called as Srivastava. Some myth are also existed that because being migrated from Srinagar they are also called as Srivastava. Some have the prediction that they are also residing on the banks of Saraswati River that is why they are called as Srivastava. According to famous writer Dr Rangyay Raghav the suffix of Srivastava is "Vastava" shows that they are very good architect (Vaastu Kala). That is why they had built Hastinapur, Ahichha and Sravasti. After analyzing the above views it is concluded that major density of this sub caste of Kayastha is in the Uttar Pradesh near Gonda district was the ancient Sravasti and this important subcast of kayastha was named on the basis of this.
Karna: Another son of Shri Chitragupta ji Vishvabhanu was settled in the south Bihar in ancient Magadh. Ancient Kaleshwar (Present Kashi) to Tapta Kund (Present Sita Kund in Munger ) all the area comes into Magadh Kingdom. Its capital was Rajgarh (Present Rajgir) In the period of Mahabharat Duryodhaon had presented the western part of this are to his friend Karna (Ang Desh). Later on residents of these areas are called as Karna. Kayastha from Gupta Era to Rajput Era they all are worked at different ministerial and administrative levels. In Khujraho the capital of Chandel Kingdom a minister named Yashovarman build a big temple.

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