कुल पेज दृश्य

मंगलवार, 24 मार्च 2009




Today on the road

While I was passing by

Saw u there

Thro corner of my eye

Since long we r not in touch

My fault I had forgoten u as such

Now all emotions,

Overwhelmed inside

Logging into old memories

Seeing u beside

Remembered ur cold touch

And ur kiss on my lips

Loved the way u drooled on my neck

And sometimes u on my nose tips

Couldn't control myself

To feel the same u again

So am near there u

Please come in my hands

The feel is so good

With u this world I forgot

Together we make good seen

Love always being with u

Ohh my delicious icecream.


1 टिप्पणी:

Divya Narmada ने कहा…

भावनाओं औ' कामनाओं का जब-जब हाथ मिला.

तब-तब ही मन के उपवन में कविता-सुमन खिला.

दिग्-दिगंत को किया सुवासित, चहक रहे मन-प्राण.

'सलिल' महक ने आस-प्यास को पल में दिया मिला.