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Book Review, YUGPARIDHI,Novel, Dr. Chandra Chaturvedi, sanjiv verma salil, anil jain

Book Review 




(YUGPARIDHI, Novel, Dr. Chandra Chaturvedi, 2019, Pages 363, Price 650/-, Naman Prakashan, NewDelhi 

A little has been written on Pradyumn particularly in the modern age when people do not spare time to read more than short story and haiku like poems and at such a time if Dr Chandra Chaturvedi has written something about least known and hardly popular character, Pradyumn, of our mythological literature she must be praised. 

Dr. Chandra Chaturvedi born on 18 December 1945, studied in Maharshi Sandipani Ved Vidya Pratishthan, Ujjain has been awarded a five year post- Doctoral UGC fellowship. It was the grace of Lord Krishna that she could create a fiction on a subject of universal importance.   

There is a lot of importance of Chakravyooh (a warfare method of ancient times) theories in Vaishnavism and these four (vyoohas) are Shrikrishna, Balram, Pradyumn and Aniruddh. According to the story, it so happened that Kamdeo, the legendary god of love, had been immolated under the influence of a curse of Lord Shiva as he hindered the penance of Shiva. Later the widow Rati was consoled on the promise that she would meet her husband in Tretayug in the form of Krishna.

According to the God Shankar nothing changes but transforms in this universe. There's only one beckon that works from this end to that, from the earth to the sky. Even scientists believe that energy neither generates nor destroys but changes its forms. 

So the author must be praised for sorting out this mythological character and for weaving a story which justifies the stories of Scriptures like Mahabharat, Vishnupuran, Gargsanhita and Naradbhaktisutra.

Dr Chandra herself has accepted that she went through works of Narendra Kohli, Chitra Chaturvedi, Manu Sharma etc based on mythological stories before she set out on her own work but she never compromised with originality. 

Generally Pradyumn is regarded as the love-laden husband of Rati but Chandra ji successful in presenting him as a great warrior. The story of Rati (transformed as Mayavati) expands from Tretayug to Dwaparyug which take into account many allusions such as, the immolation of Kamdeo owing to the curse, the boon to reunite, the story of Shambarasur, and many other episodes and myths have been beautifully interwoven. 

Chandra ji has coined the character of Devika's adopted Chitra (the niece of the Gardener Kubja) which is not to be found in any ancient book. Brought up in the lap of nature and watching the divine deeds of Radha and Krishna from her early age Chitra falls in love with Gopiballabh. She not only regards him as an epitome of god but loves him as a devotee. No doubt, watching the divinity on the face of Krishna even his mother Devaki uttered "may it be so that I could become like you". Here Chitra's devotion can be compared with that of Gopikas of Braj. 

A critic Dr. Sumanlata Shrivastava writes “The author herself, on behalf of Chitra, worships Krishna sitting in a valuable stone studded rocking seat, wearing a tiara and Peacock Feather and legendary golden flute. The author seems to be signing the song of devotion in praise of the Lord". 

Taking into consideration this valuable allusion from our ancient book and weaving a very tremendous novel interweaving into it Vedantic thoughts and Vashnav philosophy Dr Chandra has filled a void which our generation aspires to be filled for a long time. Because of its authenticity and originality the book will prove to be a milestone in Indian literature. 


Critic - Achary Sanjiv Verma 'Salil', 204 Vijay Apartment, Napier Town , Jabalpur 482001, Mobile 9425183244, Email - salil.sanjiv@gmail.com    

Translation By - Prof. Anil Jain, Deptt. of English, Govt. PG College, DAMOH MP 09630631158  Email - aniljaindamoh@gmail.com

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