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मंगलवार, 6 अक्तूबर 2009

कृति चर्चा:/ Book Review

कृति चर्चा:

Contemporary Hindi poetry:

(A selection of Modern Hindi poems translated in English)

Editor & Translator: Bhagvat Prasad Mishra 'Niyaz'

Pages: 197, Price Rs. 300/-

Sat Sahitya Prakashan, FF4/B Block, Sun Power Flats, Mem Nagar, Ahmedabad 380052


'The present collection of Contemporary Hindi poems is a bouquet of different variety of flowers both in colour and fragrance fresh from the Hindi garden.

Hindi poetry today is not the old, traditional, formal and ornamental poetry. However, umlike west it still maintains it's lyricality through it's internal rhythm.

But you can'nt charge it with coservatism. It is much modern because both in form and content, it has broken the shackles of set metafers and similies and created new ones. What is most noteworthy is the return of the lyricin the form of songs, ghazals, new lyric and couplets.

Though translation is not original poetry but the spirit is there throbbing in every word and line. Robert Frost says: 'Whatever is left after translation is poetry.'

In one of his books "Poems and Problems' Bledinir Nebikov contributed an article on translating Eugene Vogin. He says 'what is translation?'

'It is the fadeed but shining head of the poet, the language of the parrot, the chattering of a monkey or insulting a departed soul.

But even after describing poetry as above, recreating a poem is impossible and so is its totality. If you think like this go through the the book in discussion, yo will change your view.

Twenty contemporary hindi poets Dr. Amba Shankar nagar, Niyaz, Dr. Chandrakant Mehta, Chandrasen 'Viraat", Dayakrishna Vijayvargiya, Dr, Kishor Kabra, Madhu Prasad, Madhukar Gaur, Nathmal Kedia, Nalini kant, Nirmal Shukla, Rajkumari Sharma 'Raaz', Rajendra Pardesi, Dr. Ram Sanehi Lal Sharma 'Yayavar', Ramesh Chandra Sobti, Sanjiv Verma 'Salil', Dr. Sudesh, Sunita Jain, Udai Bhanu 'Hans' and Dr. Vishnu 'Viraat' are enriching the book by their rmarkable poetry.

It is a rare collection of the contemporary Hindi Poetry. Lots of Thanks to Prof. Niyaaz for this noble work.


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